Monday, 9 November 2015

A new start.

A fresh start. I started my first blog around 9years ago at the end of October and I suppose it's for similar reasons that I'm starting this new one now. Instead of feeling the year coming to it's end, I feel like this is the beginning.  A time to draw into the home, assess the future and coming months and take time to heal, plan, scheme.

I bought this book a short while ago and I suppose it's having an influence on me.  I'm not 'getting' it all right now, but it's making me think about how I live and so for that reason, it's a good book to have.  I think it will be one of those books that I take more from each time I read it.  I have a small tower of books beside the bed that I read almost every year and if I don't read them cover to cover, I at least dip in and experience my favourite parts.  These aren't fictional books (apart from Blackberry Wine), these are books about real people, real lives lived honestly with a bit of dirt and a lot of effort. Over time, I'll share these books and how they've shaped my life.
So what am I talking about in these future pages? Not just my walks, although I do live in a very beautiful area, but why I walk and how it affects me. I used to be incredibly fit, riding my horse daily, caring for a busy household with my husband and children.  It seemed perfect. It wasn't. It all came to an end and with it my robust health.
I fulfilled a long held dream and bought a puppy, Manchee. Together we explored the woodlands around my home.
Since then we've had many beautiful walks. It's where I draw my inspiration, take pictures and fill up my empty self when I'm weary.
I bring back pictures that inpsire me to paint and sculpt, I bring back moments, captured in the simple lens of my camera.

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