Monday, 1 August 2016

A different perspective.

This is one of our usual walks along the coast to our favourite little Inn by the harbour. However, I'm sure you don't want to see the same photos on different days with high tide or low! So, here we are at a little spot that I normally overlook as the wooden posts are usually submerged.

The water was at just the right depth to give an eerie impression of what I can only assume is a collapsed jetty. The posts have clearly been here a very long time.

Wally loved diving in and posing for me.
It helps that he's so photogenic :D
Manchee doesn't really like to get too wet, especially when the wind is blowing and we're dodging rain showers.
The water was so clear and clean and of course, Walley had to photobomb!
Proof that Manchee does sometimes get his feet wet :D
On the other side of the coastal path is a fresh water river that runs into the sea. There were so many lovely birds here that I was actually photographing some herons and a littel Egret when this family of swans decided to join us. I adore baby swans <3

Back home the bread quest continues. I made a much wetter dough for this batch and it paid off.
Can you see the open holes in the middle of the bread? This is caused by the water evaporating during baking, giving a much lighter crumb. Of course, it's not so easy to knead a wet dough, so I didn't! I did as little as I could get away with and the results are worth it. I just have to get the crust to be more crunchy. Having a steamy oven isn't enough it would seem.
The bread needs to be eaten within a day or so which is when it's best, but that's not a problem as my young people barely left any for me :D


  1. Hello, Kimberley! I found this blog just a couple of weeks ago... It must be very exciting to live near the sea! Going to the seaside is always a one-year long dream for us, that comes true from summer to summer.:) The dogs are lucky to have that opportunity, even if tiptoeing in the water.:)
    The bread looks very delicious, good for you, no wonder why it disappears so quickly!x

  2. Thank you Rossi, we are lucky to live here and thanks for

  3. What an amazing beach... I love oddities like those wooden posts. Its the one thing I do miss since moving, having the odd afternoon or day at the beach... in all weathers. :)

    The bread looks amazing. I started putting more and more olive oil into my breads as I found that it stayed fresher for longer. Not made any in a few months, but I am spoilt now with my Kenwood mixer doing the hard work ;)
    Love this blog btw xxxx