Friday, 30 September 2016

As the Seasons change.

My two Eriskay boys, Merlin on the left and his son Bo on the right. Poor Merlin is no longer a stallion, but I can't say any more about that as it's subject to a court case!!!  At least he survived and is still with us!
Bo is much bigger than Merlin, but then his Mum was a big girl!!!
Toffee is our New Forest pony and has been been with us for 14 years. He's very precious <3
All of our animals have been enjoying the last hot days of the year, but this week has been stormy and I doubt we'll have many more like this.
Fae loves to sunbathe on the front step.
And here she's joined by her brother Finn and at the bottom of the steps, her Aunt Piper.
Bambam has to get in most of the photos, she's Fae's cousin and probably half sister, haha!
So the courgettes went crazy and I made huge batches of rattatouille with lots of herbs from the garden and cheap veggies from the market. I think I have at least 8 containers in the freezer for pasta sauces or just to have plain on couscous :D
Blackberry and elderberry wine on the bubble! The blackberries this year seemed to have an unusual amount of maggots, so no jam or pies, no way!
Autumn is my favourite time of year and a good excuse for steak and kidney pudding and lots of stews and pies. Plus, some of the wine will be drinkable by Christmas ;)

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