Monday, 26 September 2016

Llandovery part 2.

We made sure that we visited Drysllwyn Castle on the edge of Llandeilo before we popped in for our visit with BB from Codlins and Cream. The weather was so beautiful and the views stunning.
I last came here in 2010 with my children. It all seemed so long ago and yet just like yesterday! How is it that memories are that way sometimes?
This view of the Fans (part of the Brecon beacons) was from the churchyard in Llanddeusant. I came here looking for the burial place of Jeanine McMullen whose wonderful books inspired me and brought about my deep love of Wales. The books were sent to me by BB and had led her to love Wales in the same way that I later did. The books also led me to buy my darling goats, something I swore I would never do, and if you read the books you would know why!!!
My image is reflected in the stone, something I only noticed when I got home. I have to say I was deeply moved by the grave and wished I met Jeanine in person. I left a handful of wildflowers, and someone had left a little unicorn card, which was Jeanine's favourite animal.
We then went to visit the foothils of Llyn y fan fach where the river flows down from the magical lake nestled in the heart of the Fans. I'm quite certain I saw Jeanine's little cottage on the drive to the lake, but was still too emotional to stop and take a picture. Besides, it belongs to someone else now and they may not have been too happy!
The stream was beautiful and very cold, yes of course, I kicked off my shoes and socks and got right in there! By now, my companion was beginning to get an idea of how much I love water and being in it! I'm impressed that I didn't slip up as the rocks were very slimy in places.
The scenery was just amazing.
With so much open sky,
and real life Welsh mountain ponies. They were gorgeous, but very wary.
Finally, we returned home to a very put out dog, who had missed me and was upset to have been left behind despite the very best care and attention!
Also, a rat had moved in! It was unhappily hiding behind the Welsh dresser in the kitchen. Such a coincidence! But what kind of crazy rodent would enter a house with a hunting dog and 6 very accomplished cats? They were all lined up waiting for him to make his move, so I shut them out and managed to get him out to the garden. I had intended to take him away from the house, but he leaped out of the box and I ran the other way, haha!
Life is getting back to normal now and we spent the weekend walking along our lovely coastline. I do miss Wales though <3


  1. I have always loved Wales, and felt a connection far beyond the romance of what I have read. I have a tiny amount of Welsh blood, and wish I could live there. Now I have a couple of wonderful books to sate my Wales love on! Thank you!

  2. Oooh, did you buy the Jeanine Mcmullen books? I loved them to bits.x