Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Llandovery part1.

Our walking took us on an adventure all the way to Wales.
Wales has been in my heart since my early 20's but became a good deal more special after reading 'My Small Country Living' by Jeanine McMullen. My dear friend BB from Codlinsandcream sent me the first two books in the series and I fell instantly in love with Jeanine's writing and description of her chaotic life. Her animals featured largely in her tales and despite swearing that I would never own a goat, I ended up buying two! Sadly my divorce meant that I couldn't keep the goats and they are now living at the Butser Ancient Farm in Chalton.  But I digress!
We booked on a whim and found the Kings Head in Llandovery had a vacancy for dates we wanted.  What a surprise awaited us. The little town square was so sweet and charming. Our Inn is just visible in the left of the photo behind the fountain, a little white building with a low hanging roof.
 We walked back and forth and up and down twisty corridors to find our room. It was a bit like the Inn in Harry Potter (In Diagon Alley)!
Finally, at the very top was our room.
This was at the top of the fire escape which was a quicker way in and out, but we still got lost!
From our window, the town was just sooo pretty.
We fell in love with the little lanes and there were plenty of shops selling antiques and bits and pieces.
The weather was perfect and we could have been sat in any little European town abroad. We got quite sunburnt too!
After coffee we hiked across the hills to visit BB in her beautiful farmhouse. First of course I had to have a play in the river that she so frequently posts on her own blog.  We were a little late arriving and she instantly guessed that I'd been in the river!
Ooops! Evidence that she knows me so well :D
The we had the most amazing sponge that was every bit as delicious as it looks :D
Then it was back to our rooms for another gorgeous meal. The following day we went on a bit of a pilgrimage, but that's for the next post.

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  1. What a gorgeous place. I'll have to look it up and see if we can pass through it when we go on our Welsh roadtrip in January :D