Wednesday, 28 September 2016

We found water!

You might wonder at us finding water on our trip to the coast, but you see the tide was far out and we wondered at the fishermen we saw walking out towards the mud. How can they fish here? We followed.

Being a Spaniel of great need for water, Walley was far ahead of us.  Several sinkings in the mud later he led us to this man made causeway and it was here that we found the fishermen with their lines deep into lagoons of trapped tidal water.

You can see in this picture, the mud on the left of the picture (green and slimy) and the lagoon on the right.
Walley was having a great time, dipping in and out of the deep pools while Manchee tried to relieve the fishermen of any lunch or snacks in their bags. That's his usual style and we know now to look out for the signs of him slinking off in search of food! The rocks slowed him down as his tiny Whippet feet struggle with uneven ground!
The rocks were mostly chalk and flint, probably brought here a long time ago to make the lagoons. We couldn't work out why though. Were these for boats or another reason?
Finally we came to a point where the sea was rushing to escape from one lagoon to another. My companion bravely stepped across the stones, trusting his rugged walking shoes on the weed and kelp.  Of course, I discarded footwear and waded across, much to Wally's delight as he tried to involve me in a game of chase. I was barely keeping upright, so no pictures of that!
We later found out that the lagoons were used as oyster beds and while most of them have maintained their unnatural, square shape, some have just become deep pools, slowly being returned to the sea.  It was beautiful here and I can't wait to come back. Neither can the dogs :D


  1. It looks a lovely, wild sort of place :-)

  2. What a lovely place to bring up your children. You might like these Scottish islands cheers, Mark.

  3. It is wild, for sure, but the other side of the water is a different story!

    Thanks for the link, Mark.

  4. Nice to have a paddle sometimes :) I shall be back down to Cornwall next month... fingers crossed for a nice day and a pasty on the beach. ;)
    Hope all is well with you hun. Am enjoying your wild woman posts :D xxx

  5. Oooh, have a pasty for me and thank you for your visits.x