Sunday, 9 October 2016


I haven't cured pork for bacon for a very long time, but after my dear companion served me some of his home cured bacon, I realised I needed to make it again. 
Armed with a selection of salts, juniper berries, demerara sugar and Hughes preserving book, I tackled a piece of pork loin. Loin makes a sort of back rasher but for streaky, you need a good piece of belly pork.
I bashed the juniper with some of the salt to release the flavours.
Put all the ingredients in a large bag and mixed well. The pork was coated well with a fifth of the mix and left overnight in the fridge in an airtight box.
The next day, a good amount of fluid has come out and the meat is starting to look darker. It won't take on that pinky bacon colour as that comes from the pink salt which has been linked to some forms of cancer. I'm just using kitchen and sea salt.
After draining the first lot of water, another layer of salt mix has been rubbed all over the pork and then it's back in the fridge for another 24hours.
Today the weather is glorious and although we'll take the dogs to the coast later, right now, I need to tackle some long overdue jobs in the garden. I may even get more fleece washed :D

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  1. Bacon! I have never done anything like that....though I have cooked hog jowls like bacon....but not smoked or salted or anything. They were really good, but I haven't a clue how to do smoking. Maybe I shall try it.