Monday, 10 October 2016

Silly me!

Sunday was glorious. We went on one of our best walks along the coast and then inland a bit towards a little Inn by the harbour.
Two boys finding lots to sniff at in the long grass. Manchee likes to hunt little creatures, but rarely catches anything!
 Walley prefers a more wild approach to the water. This little freshwater stream runs into the sea and gives the boys a chance to wash off and have a drink.
 A quick gallop,
 and then it's our turn to sit on the harbour wall and have a drink of our own. Manchee was so chilled out, in the sun watching other dogs play in the mud. It's not his thing to get too wet and sticky!
 A rare picture of me at work with Finn and Bamban while the roast cooks. I had a sudden idea!

What would happen if I put some Alpaca wool into the water that I'd cooked the beetroot in? Well, not a lot. I used vinegar as a mordant but the colour was weak, so I added a few drops of red food dye (it was all that was left, to be honest). Still not much uptake.

Finally, I just boiled it for a bit and hoped for the best. It's a kind of pale apricot, but I'm thinking the colour would have been better had the fleece not been so saturated with dirt, despite my many washings.
I don't think I'm very good at dyeing and clearly need loads more practice! Or maybe a good book on natural dyes for Christmas (hint!)

However, the dinner was excellent and the roasted beetroot, in my opinion, the star of the dish :D


  1. India Flint! She has a website and writes wonderful books on dyeing. Beets are weak and fugitive.... but just try goldenrod or madder or ladies broomstick.... or best of all (really!) INDIGO! You will fall in love!

  2. Thank you Kim, I'll look her up and hope someone gets me a good book for Christmas. I have woad seeds to plant next year!!!