Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Confit onions.

Confit is a French word that is used to mean something cooked long and slow either in it's own fat or butter. I didn't take pictures of the onions in the pan as I have a stinking cold and the onions were making my eyes and nose stream! Not good to cooking you may think, but I needed something warm and comforting and this seemed like a good idea.
I started with four large onions and 30g of butter. A teaspoon of salt, half tsp of black pepper and a tsp of sugar (I used 2 because I like it sweet).
Cook over a very low heat for at least 2hours. You know it's ready when the onions finally start to brown. That's where the delicious flavour comes from.  This is a small Kilner jar so shows how much the onions have reduced.
I left about two tablespoons in the pan with some of the butter and added a beef stock cube, a little water to make a soup and about half a cup of sherry. Brandy is usually used or sweet sherry. I had neither so instead used Shaoxing rice wine and it was delicious.
I toasted some french bread topped with cheese and soaked it in the soup. This was total comfort food and possibly even better for a rubbish cold than anything else.
The jar of onions will keep in the fridge for a least a week and can be used instead of stock cubes or  in sauces. I'd like to try using more sugar and less butter next time to make a proper sandwich chutney as that's a favourite of mine with cheese and ham :D

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