Friday, 4 November 2016

Walking over water.

We crossed the ocean and walked in another land.  Although the day was damp and misty, the beauty of Fougeres was not dimished in any way at all. We sat in the shadow of the castle and ate home made pasties and crisps.
The castle was so beautiful but we could only explore outside as it was closed for the winter.
There were still plenty of places to walk and explore, although these stairs were so very steep and I stayed close to the wall!
This little French cat tried to come with us, oh, she was adorable <3
Amid all the grey was a beautiful splash of colour.
Our home for the week was an enchanting little Breton cottage, set amid a sleepy Hamlet.
I fell so in love with this place.
We had our morning tea in the sun
and cooked lovely meals in this kitchen.
We walked for miles through valleys and towns, but mostly we took time to rest and think.....


  1. OMG what a place! The castle..
    I hope you feel more refreshed after your trip. It looks like a lovely place. x

  2. Oh my, how very beautiful! How lucky you are to be able to visit such a splendid site....

  3. What a fabulous place to stay. It must have been very difficult to drag yourselves back to Britain.

    Love your trying out French recipes now too. That would be a BIG failure here - you know who has steadfastly refused to try the hand-raised artisan-made pork pie I bought him from the Food Festival at Hay last week - "I have to be in the mood for pork pies." Liar - he was just highly suspicious it might have "stuff" in it - other than pork that is. . . The birds had it today. WHAT a waste.