Monday, 19 December 2016

Healing walk.

First day of the holidays and we were up early. The ponies were fed and the dog and I took off for our favourite woodland. We've not been here since the Spring and so much has changed. Trees have fallens and new paths created which made it quite exciting, especially for a crazy lurcher!
We tried to follow our normal route, which is up a very steep path. Luckily I found my normal resting spot, this rather bouncy branch. Manchee doesn't like it so much as it boings up and down when he jumps on it, which is precisely the reason I like to sit here, it's just a bit of fun!!! The woods were so quiet that I indulged in a lovely Reiki treatment. I felt so connected to the little birds rustling amongst the resting trees and felt the gentle mist beading my coat with tiny jewels.

Manchee then discovered a deer leg, or what was left of it. He was so pleased that he ran around with his trophy like a total maniac while I tried not to slip down the very steep and uneven ground. We rarely follow the path here as it's dominated by cycle trails which are treacherous for people on foot (not dogs!). Later I noticed Manchee burying his leg bone under another fallen tree, I expect he'll find it next time we walk here!  He looks quite pleased with himeself doesn't he?

I'm not sure what plant this was, but it was so pretty along the path that I had to photograph it. However, my new phone camera isn't a patch on the old one, despite it being an upgrade!
The shawl is halfway done but too big to clearly show in this picture!
It's been a lovely and restful day, a complete contrast to the hectic run up to half term last week.
We finished school with a lovely service at our local church and as I sat and looked at all our well fed and loved children I cried to think of those less fortunate and those who are suffering or worse. That's all I'll say as I find it all so upsetting, so please spare a thought or send a prayer according to your faith for those people less lucky than us.x

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