Friday, 30 December 2016

We cooked a lot!!!

This year we seemed to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Moomin made a huge batch of gingerbread which she gave as presents to family, but it still left a good deal for us to wade through.
I made some boozy mince pies which were great on the first day, but turned to little tooth breakers when reheated! I have no idea how I managed that and I've been asked not to attempt it again! Pah!
My lovely man cooked a wonderful buffet for Christmas eve with homemade tempura prawns and spicey pork and chicken panko bites. They were perfect and no teeth were harmed that night, thankfully :D
I had a lovely Christmas garland from one of the children at school, so thought I would show it off with my Manx Loughton arm warmers. Crikey, they really do work, my arms and hands were just so toasty. However, the ML is really scratchy, so I won't be making a matching scarf, hat or anything with it!!!
There had to be a left overs curry, or course, it's the done thing in England I think :D We'd already had a big pan of bubble and squeak, so I made a very hot sweet potato curry
and Moomin made a slightly less hot turkey curry with coconut cream. It was divine.  We then settled to watch that wonderfully festive film, the Suicide Squad, haha! It was great fun, although I got caught having a doze in the middle of a huge fight scene. I must have been tired!
We've managed to have a couple of walks as the dogs have been desperate, and I need to at least try to keep a little fit despite just wanting to curl up in between cookathons! 
I'm still getting over the last round of school bugs and so have decided to give my immune system a boost with some juicing. I don't juice too often because of all the mess, but the fibre goes into a veggy porridge for the chickens so at least it's not wasted.
Today I'm having green apples, cucumber, ginger and spinach, yummy :D

Happy New Year to you all, I'm trying to get around to everyones blogs, but it's taking a while.x


  1. Love the warmers. Maybe I need some of those! My knitting needles are out after a long break, working on baby goat coats for February kidding.

  2. Oh wow! Coats for baby goats, how adorable <3

  3. On my epitaph I would like the words...she fed people...that's what I seem to do most of! Looking forward to reading back posts of yours! x

  4. Thank you Winters End for visiting. I hope to hear from you again.x