Monday, 27 March 2017

Hygge (hooga)

It was my Birthday at the weekend and I was treated very well indeed :D I dropped so many hints that I was delighted to get this little Danish book, it's wonderful and all about appreciating life's happy little moments and how to create more. The bookmark was made by my lovely Moomin and is a realistic picture of Studio Ghibli's 'Kiki's Delivery Service'.
Here, I believe, I captured a perfect moment of Hygge. I'd just finished a little gardening and sat with  Bambam in the sun enjoying a lovely cup of Earl Grey <3
We went to the coast again, but the wind was wicked and very tiring.
Walley got muddy again!
But Manchee stuck to the bridge as he only likes water in the Summer!!!
Walley does love to pose and I think I'll have to paint him. There are so many great pictures to choose from though! This might be my favourite.
I got a couple of lovely Ghibli themed books, either for sketching or maybe journals. The Cat Bus is a big favourite of mine and Moomin chose a French cover for me, how sweet is she? :D
She made me several bookmarks and between her and her my lovely son I got the Poldark DVD's and a CD by Wardruna, a Viking style band. I'll be putting that on the ipod to listen to while I paint.

I also got lots of presents from my BF, but this is the one I instantly dived into. Nigel Slaters writing is as gentle and inspiring as his tv programs. Already I adore this book :D

So I have lots of good things to create Hygge and make a cosy and happy home, but even I could do with a few more candles as it seems that the Danes get through more candles per person than bacon in a year!!!


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!! :)))
    Such nice presents! I love the photo of your hygge! I've had moments like that too and it's usually outside in the sun with the dogs and a coffee and rainboots lol...the dogs are so cute! My next project is going to be painting Charlie, our black and white husky. I'm not very good at detail or portraits, but I'm going to try, I did a good job with my painting of Jack. They do love to pose don't they? Very sweet!

  2. I loved the pictures you painted, if it makes you happy then it will be worth it :D

  3. Happy (belated) birthday! I love the hygge effect - it's especially important in the endless winter. Creating a warm, happy and cosy home can really help you keep your sanity.