Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Memories (and a menagerie in our house).

I guess I'm feeling a bit nostalgic as I think about leaving my house, the place we've called home for the last 20years.  A great many animals have shared this space with us and when I think about why I paint and create art, I guess a lot of it has to do with the things I'm surrounded by. The lovely countryside, woodlands our horses and of course my children who are now grown into young adults. Ultimately though, there have been an awful lot of animals!!!

(I appologise now for this lengthy post!)

Long before we moved here we had Max (below) and Pouncey (I can't find pictures of him on my computer) then along came Arnold below.
Both Max and Arnold lived until their 20's.
My Studio when it was new and the garden relatively uncluttered!!!
Merlin joined us and so looks like a tiny Bo! In the background is my darling horse Oliver. I still miss him sooo much.x
Then came Jubbly. What a little treasure he was. He would sit in Moomins pocket and steal cereal in the morning. Honey nut cornflakes were his favourite!
Charm was so very adorable and had many adventures escaping from the garden and visiting neighbours.
Moomin took place in an online Alice tea party and I loved seeing her in a dress without her wellies for a change.
The Moomin took to goat keeping and won a rosette at The Weald and Downland rare breeds show in 2009.<3 br="">
Our kitchen was regularly used as a craft room for Moomin and her brother.
In 2010 Manchee came to live with us. Despite looking a little nervous, he travelled well coming back from Devon and it was worth the long drive for the happiness he's given us.
In 2012 I worked for Cowdray Park Farm and inevitably brought my work home with me.  We named our little charge Button. He wasn't expected to live long but we cared for him anyway. Piper, looking extremely pregnant, was more than happy to keep an eye on our baby lamb.
He was alert and very friendly.
Manchee surprised us all with his gentle attitude to the funny new 'dog' and kept close to him often. Unfortunately we lost the battle but at least gave Button a lot of love while he was with us.

Then along came the wave of kittens. Cottons kittens were just too wonderful to even consider parting with. I was very foolish to think I'd be able to sell any!!!
I adore Fae's little paw around her mama.
Then Piper had her litter of black and whites!
Two black, two black and white and Cottons trio. It was crazy and I sold two before deciding not to part with any more.
Finn is about 6 weeks old here and almost as big as Cotton already. He's a lot bigger than her now, but then her nickname has always been 'half a cat' as she's so tiny.
Then, after working with them for so long, I got a couple of goats for myself. Here is my lovely Yarrow and her kid Bella. There is no describing the feeling of being involved with such a precious moment.
Aine we bought from a petting farm somewhere in London, I have no idea where as I was too excited to pay attention to anything other than her adorable little face.
My goats are now at the Butser Ancient Farm and I miss them terribly!

So what now???  Who knows what the road ahead will bring, but I know one thing is certain, my animals will be with me and probably a load more besides :D


  1. Leaving a longtime home is always sad... and animals add so very much to our lives. I hope things are going okay....

  2. I forgot to ask how poor Manchee is doing...jaw better now? Is he able to eat okay?

  3. Oh what a nice post!!! :) wow...lots of pets! I have to say Jubbly looks so adorable, I'd carry him around in my pocket too lol! The kitten photos are adorable, especially the "black and whites" with the one in the center with his/her mouth wide open lol..that made me giggle. You're so blessed with all of those animals. We have the 6 now but we definitely want more in the future, when we have the space that is. I want to get goats and ducks, and hopefully more dogs too! :)

  4. Things are good Kim and Manchee is almost back to normal, just not going anywhere near horses again!

    Rain, I want more animals too, how awful am I??? The black and white kitten with her mouth open is our little Gigi, she's named after a character from the Studio Ghibli film Kiki's Delivery Service. It's a children's film but I adore it :D