Monday, 20 March 2017

Walking at the weekend.

We had a couple of outings to the coast at the weekend. Saturday was mild but very overcast. I'm glad I made the effort to go as the boys had so much fun just running and playing together. It wasn't cold, despite that lowering sky.
Sunday was brighter, but the wind was wicked. I should have stayed in as I wasn't feeling great, but I couldn't let those boys down. They explored dark tunnels in the trees
and galloped around like crazy beasts, well, Walley did the most running. Manchee likes to stop and carefully sniff everything!
I loved the wonky signpost and if we were very energetic, we could have walked all the way to Bosham, a tiny seaside village.
The tide was mostly out and the boats sat waiting for the sea to lift them up again. Walley had vanished briefly before coming towards us at speed.
He'd been for a paddle in the mud and his legs were black with it. The smell wasn't good!
Back home, I let the ponies out for a treat on the grass. Toffee hasn't been well this week, he's had his breathing problem again due to something in his hay so a few hours of grass made him very happy. You can see how happy Merlin is to run on solid ground for a change. Their paddock is just a bit too muddy for shenanigans :D
I've completely overdone it though and so today I plan to rest and do some painting and knitting. I've even postponed the shopping trip!!!


  1. Congrats on postponing the shopping trip! :) Painting and knitting is more important, at least I think so :) Your boys are gorgeous, I have such a soft spot for seeing dogs having fun and exploring! What a nice outing!

  2. Thank you Rain, it was a good weekend, if a little tiring :D