Friday, 28 April 2017

Bits and bobs.

This week I've been finishing off things around the house, last minute painting jobs some minor repairs and finally a new fence to stop Manchee from escaping!

I've also discovered a new way to dispose of the UFO's (UnFinished Objects, as in crafts)! I've selected the knited ones that I really like and put them in my knitting basket and I've simply unpicked the rest! Job done!  Other crafts, as in sculptures, are posing a bigger problem, so they'll have to wait a bit longer.
This scarf is waiting to be knitted and is spurring me on to finish the socks and next shawl.
I can't share the socks progress as they've been unpicked for the THIRD time! There seems to be an issue with the pattern, so I'm following someone on Youtube and making my own pattern as I go.

Last weekend we took the boys to the beach. It was freezing!!! They didn't care and although Walley dived straight in, Manchee was happy to lark about with a stick :D
I don't normally like him to play with sticks, but he did have so much fun with his new found treasure,
and look! He's even dipped his feet in the water!  The tide had gone so far out that we could have walked for miles to find it, but it was just getting too cold to hang around.
The sun did come out on Monday though and Bo had a lovely sleep in the sun. I got down and cuddled him which shows a great deal of trust from him, but then he's always been my baby right from when he was born <3
Toffee and Merlin wasted no time sleeping, they had serious eating to do!
Things are moving along nicely in France, but sadly not so much in England! I've barely had anyone through the door, but that seems to be a Marketing issue! I think I may advertise the house myself, I couldn't do a worse job than my Agent!!!


  1. Hi Yarrow :)) I hope you have better luck advertising your house. That would be a stressful time for me! We're lucky though, the next time we move it'll just be buying and we can leave the renting behind for good.
    Your dogs look so cute having fun at the beach! :) And your horses are so lovely!

  2. Good luck with marketing your house. GOOD PHOTOS are essential. How can you expect anyone through the door if the agent takes lousy photos?! If you market it yourself, you surely won't do any worse. Good Luck.

  3. Here in the US it is a sellers market.... wish it could be that for you. Your knitting is lovely, I have never tried that technique. I am still knitting on the shawl though, it is slow since I am madly quilting. Best to you on the sale, hope it gets better.