Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Out the other side!

Last week was awful, too much to really think about honestly. I spent most of the days in bed or trying a little knitting from the sofa. At some point over the weekend I suddenly felt like I was emerging and managed to do a tiny bit of gardening and sit in the sun with my cuppa. The sun is out today and I can see just how badly my windows need cleaning. I definitely feel like I'm solar powered and the energy is beginning to come back to me :D

We had Tacos night, inspired by some of Rain's lovely recipes. Mine was the little burrito on the left as my appetite has been off and on the right was Moomins pile of tortillas with spicey beef, cheese and jalapenos. She layered it like a lasagne and then finished it off in a hot oven.
 I just had mine with some salad and sour cream. It was very, very good and comforting.
 The following night I helped make a risotto. Chorizo in red wine and stock. I love the slowness of risotto. It can't be rushed, you have to stand and nurture it to the very end, when you stir in a handful of parmesan, a few herbs and pile it into bowls. More comfort food :D
 Piper was enjoying the peace of the hot sun, but at the last minute needed to come to me for a cuddle, otherwise this would have been a gorgeous pose :D
 Yesterday wasn't so great outside, or maybe I just was feeling the need for a quiet day (again!). I decided to conquer the Interminable Shawl! I had to start the colour change early as my main wool was starting to run out and I couldn't find an exact match! That's what comes from using left overs.
I still think it will be plenty big enough, but whether it was the lulling sound of Wardruna on the stereo, or the repetitive rows, growing ever longer, I didn't finish the shawl, I fell asleep!!!
I think I'll finish it today, but as the sun is out, I'll do a little gardening first.
I have the whole new series of Walking Dead on 'Catch up', so I can see myself indulging in a little TV and knitting time later :D


  1. Sounds perfect! Falling asleep to knitting :)) I'm so glad you enjoyed the tacos :) They look great! :) I love risotto as well, and I feel the same way, you need to nurture it and the reward is a wonderful meal. Isn't comfort food amazing??? I'm so glad you're feeling better!! Piper looks like our cat Leo! :)

  2. I have been known to nod off for a moment or five while knitting a vanilla sock, I just wish that the muscle memory would enable my hands continue to work.

  3. Rain, it's all about the comfort ;) x

    Haha, Pam, I love the thought of knitting in my sleep :D