Sunday, 23 April 2017

When two households merge.

When we all move to France, there will be a hectic period of introducing all our animals to each other as both myself and the boyfriend have accumulated quite a few animals over time!!!
One member of the 'brood' I've not mentioned before is Echo. She's a Boxer cross Rhodesion Ridgeback. She's a very strong character indeed and I'm not at all sure how she'll react to my 6 cats, or how they'll react to her!
In the background you can just see Murray. He's very old and we're not sure how the move will affect him, so for now, we're not really thinking about it!
 As I've mentioned before, Walley and Manchee get on really well, a bit of a bromance even!!! Walley has met some of the cats with mixed outcomes, but nothing to worry about. At the end of the day, we'll just have to allow them all to adjust slowly and try not to be too stressed about it all!
We haven't even begun to discuss ponies, as there will be seven all told and all with very strong personalities. I think things could get very interesting around here!


  1. They'll need time to adjust I'm thinking! When I met my boyfriend, he had 2 cats that never met a dog in their lives. At the time I still had my little pug and they freaked out at him...When we added 3 dogs and a new cat in 2015, the two "originals" took a good year to adjust to every thing. One of them was a holy terror, attacking all the dogs every chance he could get. We were so frustrated that we put on those claw protectors on him so he'd stop scratching them. It's been nearly two years now and he has FINALLY stopped clawing at them and he can walk by them without worrying. He still won't sit with them, but we're thankful for his adjustment. At one point he was causing so much harm that we thought of finding him a new home, I'm glad it all worked out though! I hope it goes easier for you two!!!

  2. Thank you for the advice Rain, it is very welcome.x