Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Two posts in one morning! Whatever next?

I forgot to mention that when I was doing my fortnightly shop, I accidentally fell into a wool shop! I needed the black and white chunky to finish the Shawl and although it's not a perfect match, it will do! I don't know how I ended up with the other wools, they were just too yummy to pass, so I guess they fell into my basket!!! (along with another set of sock needles, oh dear!).
 I then found these cute wrist warmers on Pinterest. There was no pattern but as it's crochet, I'm pretty sure I can work one out. I love them and can't wait to get started, but so many other jobs have to happen first. My kitchen looks like Gordon Ramsay had a tantrum in there, so that's first on the list and then the windows.....


  1. I feel lucky that I can use the excuse of not having to clean windows because I'm "just renting"...big excuse! :) The handwarmers look lovely!

  2. Ha! Isn't it amazing what can fall into your shopping basket in a wool shop? I had the same problem last weekend! I love those wrist warmers but, alas, I cannot crochet. It's a skill that is on my "To Learn" list.

  3. Wool shops are dangerous creatures, they snatch you right off the pavement and drive you to make random purchases. As for sock needles, they are an essential bit of kit and you needs several. After all if you have lots of sock wool you need lots of needles. Don't you, I do.

  4. Rain, if I clean my windows, we'll all need sunglasses!!!
    Susan, my Gran first taught me to crochet and then I learned to do it 'properly' from Youtube!
    Pam, I'm afraid I got dragged in again and bought yet more today! I blame my recent illness!

  5. I sure hope you are feeling better, having Fibro must be horrible. I watch my sister and her bad times are really bad. I am moving way too slowly with my shawl, but quilting and embroidering a lot (comparatively) so it is okay I guess. Feel better inside and out! K