Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Oh dear, I have to face facts!  I would appear to be addicted to wool (actually, that may not be much of a surprise to some people!), but this week it moved up a notch. Not only have I started another shawl,
but I'm now on track with the socks and the end of the first one is actually in sight :D
 However, I've already cast on a different wool for some more socks, just to mix things up a bit, I suppose!

After reading Fran's post about her moth infestation and her ensuing panic driven clear out I had to have a tidy and clear out of my own.  I found this Corriedale wool (I think) and accidentally had to buy some new yarn to spin with it.

I'd had this website recommended to me by one of my Guild members and the yarn is just so gorgeous. It arrives tomorrow, yaay :D

While I was checking out my bags in the house I was startled to see these little black bugs. I had a moment of my own panic until I put my glasses on.

Just some little heads of lavender from the bundles I'd been storing with my wool to keep moths away. Ironic huh?

It's not all been sitting around knitting and playing with wool. We did manage a few lovely walks this week. The bluebells are stunning at the moment and the smell so heavenly.
I found this gorgeous little flower down by the coast and I think it may be Pigweed, but I can't be certain. It didn't smell as pretty as it looked, haha.
Just along from the pigweed we met these gorgeous cows, Aberdeen Angus, I believe.
They were friendly but Manchee wasn't so happy and had a little bark, safely from behind a bush.
We took one of our usual routes around the oyster beds and it was tricky going. There were so many birds nesting on the islands, safely away from walkers and their dogs, but the noise was deafening.

I found this lovely feather. There were a few Terns in among the seagulls and I'm pretty sure it may have come from one of them. They were so delicate by comparison to the big, pushy gulls.

No this isn't Sunday dinner, well not for us at least. The chickens have been a bit off colour lately and so a regular dinner of porridge and veg have been giving them a boost. I know it's working as they've been laying prett well :D
News about our proposed move is slow at the moment. I've been beyond stressed as my UK Estate Agent has let me down repeatedly. I'm keeping everything crossed and hope to find a buyer for our house very soon. On a positive note, our house in France is secured and waiting for us :D


  1. I think they are Highland Cattle, Kim. Aberdeen Angus are a short-coated breed.

    I will have to go and look up your flower as it doesn't look like Pigweed. I was going to say Pignut, but it doesn't look like that either - the leaves are different.

    I hope that your house selling soon gets sorted and you get a decent offer.

    Meanwhile, I will keep this short as the gremlins keep pinching the broadband here . . .

  2. The bluebells are so beautiful! I haven't see those around here. And look at you knitting like the wind lol...I wish I had that passion! Thank goodness it was just lavender!!! I would have panicked too! Geez, I hope you have good luck soon with the house selling. I can only imagine how nerve-wracking that must be!

  3. Thank you Jennie, I meant pignut, but couldn't be sure :D x

    Rain, it's awful, but something has to happen soon.x