Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Have I become boring?

Going into the bed and breakfast business as we are, it's become clear to me that my mild OCD for all things clean has begun to resurface! A few years ago I found myself in financial straits and took my strong point, mainly an obsession for cleaning, and turned it into a business.
During that time I cleaned a lot of houses and reshaped a lot of gardens. I learned from one lady who kept house for some stately homes how to organise a linen cupboard and how to fold a fitted sheet to avoid creases! I was very happy. Sadly, during the cold, wet months the Fibro began to take a hold and I needed to change to a less physically demanding career.
Now that we're looking at running a Gite through the Summer months I've began to obsess with methods of keeping up a standard of hygiene that I would expect if I were to go away for a relaxing week or two. 
Here comes the boring part! I've discovered that my favourite pillows can go in the washing machine!!! Is it worrying that this makes me immensely happy?  The pillows are big and fluffy and come from Ikea, so well priced and best of all not filled with down or foam but fiber filled, which is great for allergy sufferers such as myself. I'm going to be testing them in the machine this weekend as I spend weekends with BF and that will give the pillows plenty of time to dry and air.

Talking of allergies, our wonderful New Forest pony, Toffee has begun his yearly round of dramatic scares! He usually has two or three bouts of  health 'issues' which are frightening and often costly in terms of vet fees! Now we're into year three of these issues, we can see a pattern and so treat the problems without always panicking and calling the vet. Last month he couldn't breathe due to dust or pollen in his hay. A tub of Ventipulmen (much like Ventolin for humans) costs around £80 and we had no choice but to buy it!!! However, a blogging friend (thank you Danielle) has since recommended Spirulina for respitory problems and at £10 a bag, I'll give it a go!
In France we'll be relying mostly on our wits and knowledge of alternative medicines to get by until we settle and find a reasonable vet, but of course, it's always better to have a go at treating things naturally before taking chemical medicines. At the moment Toffee is having Golden Paste, a remedy made from organic Turmeric and organic coconut oil, for, lets call it circulation problems to his boy bits. He needs regular exercise and a limited diet which will also do me some good to get out and walk him and stop thinking about house issues.
We've had a couple of offers on the house and they're getting closer to the asking price, so it's all positive, but stressful all the same!

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