Friday, 26 May 2017


The weather has been almost tropical here this week. Moomin and I took Manchee for a very long walk along a beautiful beach on an island near us. Normally in high season, the road is blocked for miles as people flock to enjoy the hot sands and cool waters. Luckily for us, everyone was at work or school! We hardly saw a soul. Manchee had a swim, dug up dead crabs and played chase with seaweed :D
 It was so peaceful and the sound of the waves, mesmerising. I needed the break before heading back to the hard work of clearing out the house.
 Here is where I'm sat this morning. My new favourite spot. In the early morning it's cool and shady with just the sound of the birds and my wooden wind chimes. Yesterday I collected some shells to make a windchime for France. I also have some paintings to finish in between packing up and there is almost a kiln full of dragons and faeries to be fired. They won't survive the journey as they are!

Manchee likes to be out here when it's cool and likes the freedom to come and go now that the fence is thoroughly escape-proof, thanks to my lovely BF :D
I have sooo many herbs for the kitchen and I bought some tomato plants and two courgettes. I normally grow them from seed and wasn't going to bother with veggies this year, but I just couldn't resist them (or the lovely green tin they're sat in below!)
I started taking cuttings as soon as I knew we were moving and everything has grown and is thriving. The yellow pots are full of lavender, rosemary, tarragon, oregano and Stevia. The tarragon has been hit by the slugs, but it recovering and the Stevia I bought on ebay as it's good as a sugar substitute in cakes. I'll give it a go ;) I've also potted up most of my raspberry plants and they're all thriving too! However will I take it all with me???
I suppose that's when the OMG moment hit me, when I realised that I really am moving away. I've lived here for 20 years and despite a few rocky times, it's been my home and my haven. If I wasn't going somewhere so wonderful, I think I'd be a wreck by now!

A way that I've been coping is by throwing myself into projects. Here is the latest. I can't post anymore pictures as it's a gift, but I doubt the person recieving it reads my blog, so I can risk a sneaky peak. I'm almost finished and it's taken just over a week. I can't wait to see it all together :D The socks are almost done, but have been put on hold!
I also have some painting projects to get on with, the garage to empty and a million books to pack. Busy days :D


  1. Hi Yarrow! :) I can relate to your OMG moment. This morning, my usual once a week tradition, I was looking through the real estate listings and saw so many nice properties, but they are all in different provinces across Canada. I then gazed out at my container garden and thought...but I'm just settling down Of course, the dream is to OWN not to rent, but I can see how you feel, but your France home is so lovely! What a place to go to!

    Your container garden looks great! I'm glad you got out at the beach without the tourists around! :)

  2. I know exactly what you're saying Rain. I hope you find your dream home too.x