Thursday, 18 May 2017

shhh, don't tell....

This is my yarn cupboard! It's beginning to get a little out of control and I need to hurry and finish off some of these balls! I'm trying hard to knit through the stash but I also have a wooden chest in the lounge that somehow became filled with new balls!
At least when I shut the doors, no one is any the wiser as to the depths of my obsession. Well, Moomin knows because she's almost as bad!!! This isn't even counting the wool to be spun. My head is beginning to spin at the thought of it all.
When I packed up my fabric stash, it filled three very large zip up shopping bags, the kind you use to store clothes in. If I have to leave a piece of furniture behind when I go, I will, but not my stashed goods - oh dear ;)


  1. dont worry about it we needed an extra lorry when I packed up my crafting stash the fun is when your unpacking it :-)

  2. I have dedicated this year to working through the stash of fabric and yarn, it may take two. Just like Dawn when I moved to Wales it was another vehicle to bring it all with me and I did dispose of furniture to make room for it all. That's more fun and less polishing.

  3. Oh, I love your attitude ladies :D

  4. LOL, your yarn obsession looks like my seed obsession...that was great, made me smile! :) Think of it more like a "collection" rather than an obsession! See Yarrow? You're a collector! :)