Monday, 15 May 2017

Special dinners.

There is a distinct difference between the cooking styles of my dear BF and myself. He cooks wonderful restaurant quality meals that are so carefully thought out and planned, while I most often wing it.
Saturday he cooked me a delcious liver and bacon meal with mushroom ravioli, vegetables and my favourite sage butter sauce. The liver was sooo soft that even liver haters would have been swayed.
Sunday I decided to go for Texas home cooking after watching Ree on Pioneer Woman. I tried to make traditional white gravy, but it was just too bland for us.
A big handful of cheese sorted that out!

I was halfway through eating it when I thought I should take a picture. We had gammon and cowboy beans (they were divine), American biscuits and gravy and eggs in potato cases. Pretty much all of us enjoyed most of the meal, although it was a little heavy on the tummy, but I have left overs for breakfast ;)
I discovered the power of knitting! Apparently it sends dogs into a stupour ;)

On Sunday we went to our favourite Creek (before the Sunday dinner) and I was lucky enough to take the perfect picture. I've decided to copyright some of the best ones and may put them up for sale at some point in the future. When we have such photogenic animals, it seems silly not to miss the opportunity :D

I hope all my blogging friends had a lovely weekend too. Today the weather has changed, the wind is howling and hurling rain at my windows. A perfect day to sit in and recover my energy, I have to admit that I may have overdone it again! A quiet day sounds ideal to me :D

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