Friday, 12 May 2017

Wooly adventures.

My lovely yarn has arrived. I'm so pleased with it and if I spin it with some of my other wools, I can make enough for three shawls or maybe two shawls and some socks or gloves.  I have some colour ideas in mind and can't wait to have a play. First though, I've promised myself that I'll finish at least one sock!
While researching French wool breeds of sheep, I came across these little delights. The Ouessant (pronounced ooshant) are very little but produce long, soft wool. Ideal for our little smallholding and easy to buy a couple without anyone noticing (maybe!).
Their colours range from brown to a gorgeous golden cream and I think we would only have a couple to start with, just for wool. They would be pets, not food!!!  I'm still not sure about that side of being self sufficient. For now we'll just grow veggies and have chickens for eggs.
I'm currently sat at my laptop waiting for quotes for transporting the ponies. To say the thought of it all is stressful is the understatement of the year, but at least it's taking my mind away from stressing about the house move!  I'm looking forward to this part of the journey being behind us. I'm not expecting it to be plain sailing on the other side, but at least we'll all be at the start of our great adventure.  Now I'm going to finish that sock and then get back to admiring my wool :D


  1. Its an exciting time when dreams become reality, the move itself is only a small part of the adventure, it was stressful enough moving alpacas bees and chickens from one side of the country to the other dont think I could have coped moving them abroad

  2. Sometimes I wish it could be easier but we have to be in our house Dawn, it's stolen our hearts :D