Monday, 12 June 2017

Another mouse!

It's late. I really want to be in bed, but once again we have a mouse causing havoc in the house. This time the dog is joining in with gusto. Furniture is actually being moved and there's just no respect for my knitting bag!
The problem is, I had the mouse within grasp several times and the slippery sucker leapt almost into the jaws of death on so many occassions. I could give up and go to bed, but I know that come 4am, I'll be up and trying to save it or scraping it off the carpet!
Only a week ago I was in a similar postion and saved the mouse, only to find it or another, squashed flat and decomposing under my bed! The smell was memorable!!!
If only I hadn't drunk all the gin!!!


  1. OMG! I remember when I moved into my first apartment. There was a mouse that was living in my kitchen. My two cats, Yoshi and Mario were no help in catching it. In fact Yoshi, my Siamese, was so terrified of it he would jump onto the dining room table and cry. I finally caught the poor little thing and let it go outside.

  2. Oh, Yoshi is such a cool name for a cat :D I saved another today! They really should avoid my house!

  3. Oh gosh, we had mice...I invested in some of those "live" traps, I can't bear to see them squished. The smart little buggers figured out how to take the cheese and leave the trap! We found a more expensive one that worked and we "re-housed" them about a kilometer away in the woods. We found the hole they were coming in, thankfully! Plugged up and so far, no more mice!!! :)

  4. They wouldn't live long enough to get caught in a trap Rain!!!

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