Tuesday, 27 June 2017


We found a new, shady path to walk along on Friday. Sadly it wasn't a very  long path, but the views back to Butser Hill and our home on the other side were stunning.
 It was a cloud heavy day, but still no rain. Biting insects were in swarms and we were glad to get back to the car and shut the windows!
 Manchee crashed out with Gigi. She loves to snuggle up with him, but he's not normally so sure, she can be a bit prickly at times!!! Can you see my laptop charging? This is where I often sit and write in the afternoons or evenings, surrounded by my animals <3
 Meanwhile, the rest of the house is becoming Boxtropolis! These boxes are filled with art books and cushions and blankets! I tried filling one to the top with books and nearly had an injury trying to move it!
 It's chaos here, but I have set myself a time target and hope to be mostly packed by the end of this week! We're going back to France in two weeks to hopefully seed our field and take some of the boxes to store.
 Aaaah, a nice calming image of my breakfast. Fresh raspberries straight from the garden. I added shop bought strawberries and a banana. I WILL be healthy :D

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  1. Boxtroplis sounds intimidating!!! Good luck on your deadline! Your berries looks so delicious! :)