Thursday, 8 June 2017


The clearout at BF's went well until I stepped backwards, heavily laden with old and torn horse rugs and stepped into a stand of stinging nettles! Lets just say I've been stung where no womand should be!!!  Thank goodness for dock leaves!

Finn with Bambam

My darling Finn is off to the vet's tomorrow. He's been losing weight despite me feeding him every tasty morsel I can think of. I've wormed him and cooked food especially for him. He seems happy in himself, but is getting sooo thin. Wish us luck!


  1. Good luck Yarrow!!! I hope all is well with your Finn. And my gosh, I hope all is well "where no woman should be stung"! EEEEEK!!!!!

  2. Thank you dear Rain. I've been quite weepy tonight, but I'll stay positive.
    As for the nettles, thank goodness for Dock leaves ;)

  3. Oh! I said that already, doh!!!

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