Monday, 3 July 2017

Where did the morning go?

After a fairly tiring weekend I tried to have a lie in this morning! The dog was having none of it and fidgeted, huffed and scratched until I gave in and staggered to the kitchen for a cuppa.  Now he's asleep on the sofa and I've somehow managed to waste the morning on my laptop! The thought of buying a fairly cheap ice cream maker is however spurring me to get moving!

My lovely BF created another recipe for our 'book' and it was divine, all my favourite things on a plate. It's a warm version of a salad nicoise with cooked mackeral fillets and a caper butter dressing.

 Sunday I had Walley for most of the day as he needed another haircut and Echo wouldn't let me do it without sticking her face in the clippers! Walley was an angel while I clipped him and Manchee just watched from a safe distance  He was clipped last week and didn't enjoy it one bit!
We then went for a cool walk in the woods and they came back and crashed out on the sofa ( I joined them and we all had a nap, haha).


  1. I'm glad the dogs left you a centimeter for your nap lol...that looks like my couch too hee hee...Alex uses one of our dogs as a pillow and she could care less, as long as she's allowed up on the couch! Your dinner looks yummy!!! Oh, go get that ice cream maker, it'll change your life lol...I'm a bad influence huh? ;) I made a chocolate ice cream this weekend, delicious!

  2. The ice cream maker was gone, boo! I'll get one eventually. You are a bad influence, hehe :D

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