Friday, 8 September 2017

Quick update.

I'mflying through to make the most of my internet connection, which has been utterly awful. I've paid extra to have roaming abroad on my phone and simply can't get the flaming thing to work! I hope I don't lose this post!

So, as I said, we've arrived. The cats only managed to stay in for two weeks before they drove us so mad that we almost threw them out! Finn was first out and very brave.
He loved the windowsill on the Gite. It's going to look so pretty when we fix the window with a piece of stained glass and a traditional frame.
Piper (above) went all around the house and that was if for the day. She now ventures over to our neighbours drive and they seem to adore her!
Below, Fae sneaking off to the corn fields. She often sits under the giant Walnut tree in the center of this picture.
I was due to come back to England to sort out the ponies, but the transporter changed the dates and I decided to stay. This was a lucky move as that night Manchee was extremely ill and began vomiting blood! The following 24hours were spent nursing him and slowly he recovered. Below is the day he began to be more like himself so we took him to the river for a treat.
The woodlands around our nearby lake are so ancient and mysterious.

The lake shore in the rain is just as lovely as in the sun.
We walked steep and rocky paths alongside the lake. I can see so many hours spent exploring. I have so many paintings forming in my head and when my lovely BF came back from England, he brought my paint box, thank goodness. I felt like I was missing a limb!
Finally I finished my first ever sock, then 6 attempts later, managed to cast on the second! Thank goodness I had enough connection to check youtube to see where I was going wrong. It's been raining steadily all day, so there will be more sock knitting.
Next week, we finally get to collect the ponies. I'm beside myself with excitement. I wonder what our neighbours will think of them??? I hope to visit my blogging friends soon, when I can get a broadband connection sorted. In the meantime, hugs to you all.x


  1. I would have said 2 weeks was more than ample for the cats to get used to their new house. Glad they are now at home there and enjoying the big outdoors - which looks like Cat Paradise to me.

    You certainly have some beautiful walks and scenery close by and I think you will be doing lots of painting in the years to come.

    Well done with the sock knitting. Someone started me back sock knitting but on a Magic Loop. She did the starting for me, which was no use at all! I think I will have to start over using DPNs unless I can find a fool-proof YouTube video to help me.

    I hope that the ponies all travel safely. Have you been fencing their fields, or was it fenced already?

  2. So nice to get an update! I'm glad the kitties are exploring safely. Poor Manchee...maybe just nerves from the move? I hope he's better! Your woods sound so wonderful. I always get inspired when I'm out in nature. Congrats, the sock looks great!!! :)

  3. Thank you BB and Rain. I hope to visit your blogs soon.x

  4. Cats are so funny about new surroundings--dogs tend to have a good sniff around and all is OK. That will be a stunning pair of socks!