Saturday, 7 October 2017


We seem to be already attracting the local cats to our little house. We've had visits from curious cats, greedy cats and now maybe a homeless cat. He doesn't look that uncared for does he, but his behaviour reminds me of another feral cat I met a few years ago. Sudden noises have him running for cover, he can't eat quickly enough and he seems to be starved of afection. He will do anything for a cuddle, but we can't hold him, he has to come to us.
Piper has been so welcoming to this little boy, maybe because he looks so like her baby Bambam.
He's huge though, and makes our cats look like midgets. I can tell he's young by his kittenish meow and that although he is very much a tom cat, he doesn't smell at all.
Bambam is not happy, she is the only Tuxedo cat around here! You can see that the new boy has half a tail and his pelvis is clearly stiff and not at all flexible like a normal cat's. His mouth is also a little wrong and he dribbles constantly and has trouble eating his food. He's obviously had a bad accident at some point, probably when he was very little.

I finally finished making a little wardrobe for Moomin from a shelf unit and some tongue and groove cladding. I didn't do the best job, but then I don't pretend to be a carpenter! Painted white and with the muslin curtain it looked quite sweet.

The French hooks cost as much as the original shelf unit!
Whilst we were doing our little projects, lovely BF was creating a shower room in the boxroom. It's so gorgeous in there and if we leave the blinds open, we can sit on the toilet and watch the mist roll in over the fields! Or we can watch the neighbours drive along the road and wait until it's safe to move! The wooden panels will be painted blue/green and the walls will be white, that will be my job, while BF makes a start on the loft conversion for the son's bedroom.
I also got to grips with the vacuum packer. I don't know why I put it off, because once I started, I wanted to seal everything up in plastic!!! Half of the walnut harvest is sealed and stored (this is just one bag) and the rest still have to be sorted soon. So many of the nuts have already gone mouldy that I need to finish the job quickly.
Tomorrow is Sunday and everything is shut down for the day. I love it. It's a chance to do crafts and play with the ponies without feeling any form of guilt. Maybe if we had TV we'd waste some of our time, but as things stand, Sundays are when we connect with each other and do the things we really want to do. I have more preserving to get on with and may try to do some sketching of the ponies. Wherever you are, bon weekend.x


  1. It seems there is always a needy cat turning up to sort of break our hearts!
    Nice to see your house coming together in time for winter [at least I assume there will be 'winter' there!]

  2. Does New Cat have a name yet? It does seem he may have had an accident as a kitten, poor chap. I am sure he will fit in to your band of happy pusskins.

    Welldone with the vacuum packing, and I hope you manage to save lots of Walnuts for future use. I got given 2 bags of last year's (frozen) crab apples and am looking forward to making crab apple jelly . . .

    It sounds like you're not missing tv at all - lots of crafts to keep you busy.

  3. Hi Yarrow :) It sounds like you have a lovely life! I like that everything shuts down on Sundays. I really don't like how busy the world has become. We don't have a tv either, but we do watch a lot of movies online. That's our together time each night. After dinner we get the dogs walked then "retire" to our chambers bed watching movies. It's a lot of fun! Poor cat to have so many little problems, it's nice that he's found you! :)