Sunday, 24 December 2017

A feast.

We have eaten far too much and it's only Christmas eve! We had a gorgeous indian curry, cooked by my lovely man. I made the onion bhajis and bombay potatoes while also making bread and spiced red cabbage for tomorrow. Our meal was delicious and got us very niely in the mood for khristmas.
I'm making bread just about every other day at the moment as, it seems that we eat a lot more than we did in England. French bread is lovely, but just isn't any good for toast or sandwihes, and I really love a good sandwicch. So this has given me a lot of time to perfect my loaf! I've tried several recipes in the last week or so, but this is my good old standby recipe and it is pretty reliable. I'll share the recipe after Christmas if anyone wants to know. It has a lovely soft inside with a slightly crunchy crust, perfect for a good sandwih or toast.

Today was a gorgeous day. It started off with the usual drizzle, but after lunch a little weak sun warmed the damp air and we took the dogs and a bag of baubles to the woods. We dressed a little tree and had fun taking festive photos. There was a lot of tinsel, but the Moomin said it was tacky, so I laid it aside while we draped beads on the tree and before I could react, Manchee had run off with it. He danced and pranced with his prize and then savaged it until almost nothing was left. It was very funny, but clearing it up wasn't so much.
It was a good day and hopefully one to be remembered <3

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas as enjoy your day as much as possible. It doesn't have to be what most people call traditional, so long as it makes you happy. Blessings to you


  1. I love the tree! That's what we should have done. For the past several year's I've bought potted trees to replant outdoors, but for some reason they never make it. Very discouraging, but I don't really want to put up a dead tree, LOL

    Merry Christmas!