Friday, 8 December 2017


I'm back from England and back to my blog again. I've had a couple of heavy work days before I could even switch on my laptop, but I think we're catching up now and I'm allowed a little pc time before bed. To be honest, I'm finding it hard to wind down after all the frantic activity.

We caught up with lovely family in England and there were so many people to see that time just ran out. It didn't help that I booked my car in for a service and repair to the windscreen wipers only to have the brakes go on the journey back to where we were staying! The wipers weren't even fixed!!! I complained to my garage and the car was taken away the next day. Great! Two days without a car and a heap of things to buy to bring back home. I was so stressed when the brakes went that I managed to coast into a supermarket and begged to use their phone (of all times this was the best for my phone to break!). I wandered around the shop in a daze and bought four boxes of tea and three packets of bagels, that goes to show where my head was at!

Do any of you other bloggers find that you start a post with an idea in mind only to have the words tumble out into another direction entirely. I do! I've been determined not to prattle on about my car troubles, and yet there I go, off on a wild ramble!

Anyhoo, I was originally thinking about blog friends over the years. I've made so many and lost touch with quite a few. Some for some reason stop blogging and others stop responding to comments for no reason that I can fathom. It's such a strange thing when you think about it, pouring out your thoughts onto a page and hoping someone will take the time to read, much less comment on it.  I was friends with a lovely lady for years, who very sadly passed away. But her blog wasn't finished, I said over and over, it was hard to deal with her loss when she always had so much to say.  I suppose, where my mind is going with this is that it's so important to live our lives to the fullest, to maintain friendships wherever they occur and to be the best we can to everyone in our lives.

I'm going to sleep now before I start to sound all preachy, that wouldn't do would it. I've learned my lesson about being on my laptop late at night after accidentally posting a slightly dodgy picture to Instagram that had Moomins eyebrows raised so high I thought she'd had a bad facelift. Stay away from multi-media after a couple of glasses of wine, that's the moral to this story :D


  1. I dread to think what the picture was of! Hope you make it back home with the packets of tea unscathed. x

  2. Hi sweetie, I was going to comment but got sidetracked when the washing machine started dancing around with an uneven load. Glad to see you're back. Tea and bagels. Quite important to have. ahahahaaa. You should learn to make your own bagels. There are plenty of videos and recipes out on the web to show you. Check out Pinterest : .