Wednesday, 13 December 2017

I can do better!

It's not been a great day if I'm honest!
After a silly fall on Sunday my Fibro has kicked off in a big way. Today my back just got worse and worse as the day progressed and despite managing to do a little painting in the bathroom, I found myself in tears of pain and frustration. Getting angry with my condition is a pointless waste of time, but it inevitably, on occassions, it happens.
I know that in the warmer weather I'm so much better, hence the move to a warmer climate, but before I feel the benefit of that warmer weather, I have to deal with an increased workload with double the animals to care for.
I know that I can improve the way the animals are fed and the current system is currently being reviewed but for today, it's been one long hard slog after another. I need to get my thinking cap on work out some much needed solutions to these issues.


  1. Kim, I"m sorry to read this. Fibro pain and fatigue are always with us, producing physical limitations and frustrations when there are so many creative things we want to do--in addition to those chores that must be done. For me, the tendency is to overdo while I have the energy. I think I"m not as acutely affected as you are, but the 'down' days come too often.
    I hope you can keep warm and quiet and this latest flare will be brief.

  2. So sorry to hear you're having a bad episode. Fibro is a mean monster much like my MS monster. We cope, we move on. Great big monster fighting hugs for you, sweetie.

  3. Feet up as much as you can Yarrow...x

  4. Oh dear, you have my sympathy, can you ease off your jobs and just feed the animals while you heal? Mean time warm showers, hottie on your back and feet up resting.

  5. Hi Yarrow, so sorry for your can definitely find better ways, we all can. That's one of the things Alex and I are struggling with lately with the 8 pets. We are slowly improving though, hope you feel better!

  6. Thank you all for your kind