Sunday, 31 December 2017

Tipping point.

We've reached that moment when one year becomes another. It's only minutes on a clock, but somehow it means so much.
Earlier today I needed a lie down and as I slumbered in a very cool bed, I thought about my garden and how I saw the flower beds in the spring and then the summer. It was so lovely to look ahead to the months to come. This house and home means so much to us all, so many plans lie here. Dreams of a future filled with potential and promise.
Next week there's a gathering planned outside the Mairi. Half of the population (150 - ish) are turning out to welcome the new arrivals to our lovely village. Wait! That's us and a couple of other newcommers!!! Holy mo, what an honour :D I'm excited and scared by degrees. I'll be practising a few new sentences in French, just in case!

So, on to the coming year. I've been knitting like a demon, ready for phase 1 of the new business - Grow it, dye it, knit it. I hope to grow the plants to dye my fleece, whih will then be spun and knit up to sell. I've been in touch with a lovely lady who breeds a local rare breed sheep (Oussant) who I'll be meeting with next month with a view to one day owning my own ewes. This is the slow part of the business, the animals, horses etc... are the beginning part of it all. I can't really explain it, as it will develope as time passes in an organic kind of way.

So the practice side has led me to little gloves, which were a Christmas present for the Moomin.
 She loves them and has cast on her own knitting for a large jumper. I can't do big projects as I get bored easily!
I straightaway cast on a new project for gloves as I couldn't resist the wool calling me and my gorgeous wooden DPN's that were my Christmas present from my son. I got a little bag with about a dozen sets of needles in varying sizes. They're super cute and so easy to knit with <3
I have mastered the Norwegian style and am happy to report that I have no hand cramps at all and can knit for hours in this style. I always knew there was a system out there for me.

Also, I found a wonderful walk this week but alas I didn't have my camera. It's not far from the house, but there are amazing rocks rising from the ground like the bones of Gaia. I wanted to stay, lie down, paint, meditate all at once, but I had the dogs with me and they ran off to find fox pooh and other smelly stuff! I'll go back by myself next time and take some pictures.

So, here I am, now in 2018 and I'm filled with excitement. I hope the New Year holds magical moments, times of hope and happiness and above all possibilites for everything you wish for in your life.
Love and bright blessings to you


  1. Yes a Happy New Year Yarrow, may it bring all you want. X

  2. The gloves are so cute Yarrow! I love your new business idea, and I wish you all the best with it! It's so nice that you've found your home, good luck with the village welcome! I'd be nervous too!