Sunday, 7 January 2018

Into the Wet and Windy Wildewood!!!

I can't tell you just how wild it's been here lately. The weather has built up until we thought it had peaked and then died down just to build up again. A few nights ago, the house shook with the wind and we had lighnting but no thunder or rain. We've suffered the tail ends of a couple of hurricanes and been almost drowned with incessant rain. The paddocks have flooded and on more than one occassion, almost given in and moved the ponies to their spring pasture. I'm glad I resisted though, as the newly planted grass is so thin and frail, that after only hours we would just have another muddy paddock.
A rare moment of sun. The hayracks have been amazing, but today, this one was broken and the area around it flooded, so the feed was moved to a drier area. The green patch behind the horses is the spring paddock. It looks great, but it couldnt withstand seven lots of hooves in this rain!

So after running outside to feed the ponies in the wind and rain, I came back in to a hot cuppa and a very hot shower. I almost crawled back to bed, but instead settled to some knitting and blogg hopping. I visited my dear friend, Pattypan at Tarragon and Thyme. I've been thinking for some time about yogurt making and I've asked for some cheese making kit for my birthday, so when I read PP's post about yogurt, I accidentally bought myself a yogurt maker (and a little wool!). I'm looking forward to trying some soya recipes that I found online because I can only cope with a little dairy before I get tummy issues (that's all I'm saying). I'm ok with cheese, which is strange, but yogurt is one of the things I really miss.

 We got really cold and wet doing the second feeds, so I came in and made coffee. This little pot is my Christmas present from T, it's sooo cute <3 I bought him a blue one, which made us laugh as we think the same way often :D
My new gloves are on the needles and they match the coffee pot, haha :D I love this wool. These gloves are for me <3


  1. That is a cute coffee pot. I switched from coffee to drinking hot tea in the morning. I love my coffee strong but it keeps me up at night. Besides I do love the smell of Earl Grey tea. The spring paddock does look so pretty. I guess when two people are together for a while their minds start to sync. My David is like that. He will buy me something I need and I don't even have to mention a word to him. It's amazing how he can do that.

  2. Hi Yarrow :) Oh, I have a green coffee pot just like that!!! :) I call it my Green Espresso Machine! :) Love it. I hope you enjoy making your yogurt. I make mine and it's so simple, but I use whole milk. It's so much more affordable and delicious than the crap you buy in the stores! Your gloves are looking great! And I always love photos of your critters, even in the mud! ;)

  3. Before this last weekend we had nothing but rain and very high winds sounded like a freight train around the cottage. Friday it came colder and we had a weekend of frost...beautiful white everywhere. Still hugging Bessie with a cup of tea so can't judge today yet...A dose of pain relief next as still hanging onto a nasty virus...but back to paid work today! xx

  4. Love the colour of your gloves, well done tackling them, quite difficult to do the fingers. My crochet flowers are the edging of the throw I am making. Coffee pot looked just the thing after a cold day.

  5. COFFEE!!! It has been really cold here, coffee has helped get me through.... we have a few days of warmth now, and then another wave of icy cold. Brrr.

  6. Hello, I'm Pat from southern California. I just discovered your lovely blog from Morning Minion. I love to knit too so I've signed up to follow your posts. We had a big rain storm here in southern California today...I love rain. I hope your New Year is off to a great start! Pat