Thursday, 29 March 2018


Finally we made it back home to France. I had to trade my lovely little car in as the situation with the windscreen wipers was just so ridiculous. I was paying more and more money for a mechanic to 'try' fixing this or that with no results. I said goodbye to my dear 'Baby' and hello to 'Zazz'. I have to say, it's a lovely car and I've become very precious about it, wiping it down often as it's not really the most practical colour for the muddy roads!!!
 The ponies coped well while we were gone and Moomin and the son took such great care of them. They had some good weather, which was a relief and the sun shone when we returned (is that a sign?)
All ponies took the opportunity for a sunbathe.
I have some lovely pictures for paintings and the good news is, the Studio will be built soon. I can't wait to get back to work :D
First though, we'll be building the field shelters as the rain has come back and looks set to stay!!!

I'm going to try to sort a better routine so that I can blog more and visit more of my blog friends.  Sometimes I waste time idly browsing FB and then feeling depressed with the rubbish that people post, their rants and propagandas just bring me down.
It's like a personal forum for people to throw their oppinions out into the world. I mostly use it for spinning and art groups, I don't want a daily leture on how everyone else insists we live our lives! At least with blogs you can visit like minded people and not have graphic images thrown at your screen!!! 
So a FB break for me and a new laptop routine, I feel better already :D


  1. OH!! What a pretty little car. I bet it's great on gas mileage. I want to take my sedan and trade it in on a smaller car like yours. I can only dream for now. I haven't been keeping up with all the blogs as I should, So sorry about that. I haven't been on FB in over a year. I stopped going in there because of the fighting. It used to be so nice to go in to talk to people and all that is gone.

  2. I agree, I have pretty much abandoned FB now, far too much negative energy on there, Instagram on the other hand has a really good community and far less political agendas in my feed so thats where I spend most of my time now :)

  3. The ponies are so beautiful! I'm glad you got back home, that must have been so awful just waiting, but the new car will serve you well! I don't use FB at all, I find it the loneliest most sad place in the world! Bloggers are better. ;)

  4. Thank you dear friends for visiting and sharing your opinions.x

  5. Very smart car...ours always start out that way...but quickly deteriorate due to muddy pot holed lanes, dog, various machinery parts, and general detritus! x