Sunday, 9 September 2018


How can I paint a feeling with words.
The dusty remnants of a hot day gone stale. The still air waiting for the cool of night to descend. My life here is a million miles away from my imagination, both a blessing and a strange mix of excitement and dislocation. I love these late walks with the dogs, the final goodnight to a full and busy day. The ponies have the last of their daily hay, the chickens put to bed and the dogs and often the cats walk with me along the long and silent road as our nightime slumber approaches.
Tonight, the moon has yet to rise, the shadows are heavy and a dark, a silent shape follows our progress beside the tall, over my head corn. Finally, she can stay quiet no more, a little meow and I know that it's Piper, it's always Piper. Soft and silky, like smoke at our heels. We turn for the return and she falls to the ground in a dramatic gesture of needyness. Cuddle me, she squirms. We stop and do. She then falls in beside us and we return through the golden arched light of the trees, illumined by the house light. Home, familiar yet still new.

My poetic meanderings are what fills my brain as I say goodnight to the day that's been. It's hard and lovely here :D


  1. A lovely and poignant essay. We create 'home' in different places over the years, trying to grasp and keep some essence that defines it. In spite of that, the feeling of dislocation sometimes strikes afresh.

  2. You succeeded in painting a masterpiece. I am a lark who now wishes she were a night owl. I hope you soon feel more settled.

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  4. I see you have some Spam again. We're all suffering at the moment.

    What a beautiful lyrical piece you wrote. I am not a night owl but you described it very beguilingly.

    You have achieved so much since moving to France, and I hope that the hard and difficult bits are soon just a memory.

  5. Thank you all for your comments. I sometimes think I enjoy the feeling of dislocation. I don't want to take a single minute for granted and the upside is that I'm always aware of the huge changes we've made.
    I never used to be a night owl either, but I do seem to love the darkness here, it feels very safe and sucure <3

  6. I just discovered your blog, lovely writing and you express your thoughts so well. It's got to be a huge adventure, the new house and farm, we did that (not a new country, just re-did great grandma's house) and I can relate to old houses, ponies, and spinning. I look forward to reading more from you, thank you for this!

  7. Hi Yarrow :) That was just lovely to read. :) xx