Thursday, 12 April 2018


It's been a spinny couple of weeks here at Wildewood and now that the wheel is working well, I've been having fun. I honestly can't remember the thought process behind buying this yarn, but it's spun up to be quite lovely.
It's a dark golden colour and although I didn't buy quite enough for a shawl, in the end it didn't matter!
When we moved, I put my lovely bobbins, half full of soft shetland wool somewhere safe! Well, that didn't work out as I could not find them anywhere and had to buy a couple more. Last week they appeared!
I plied them and wound them off onto the niddy noddy. Just about 80grams in total.
I mordanted with alum and popped them in a nettle dye pot. The colour was so disappointing that I threw in a handful of onion skins and went out for my French lesson.
When I got home, this was waiting for me in the pot. How luscious is that? Suddenly I now have enough wool to make the shawl if I mix this yarn with the other! I guess the universe was looking out for me after all :D


  1. Now that was a lucky break. Such a beautiful yellow too.

  2. I love when things just "appear" that I'd forgotten about!!! :) The onion skins really do a good job! And by the way, I laughed myself silly at your comment about Sam and Dean lol! :)

  3. Safe...did you say safe...I know that place so well! x

  4. Oh yes for onion skins. They never fail to yield a beautiful golden color! Perfect for your shawl.